In the light of darkness
The shadow of the moon
The mood is ominous
Expectations build

A holler from the night
A bat screams in the distance
Crickets sound
The wood whistles

And still
Choice is nowhere to be found

At sunrise
When moon is at its weakest
Retreat inescapable
New promises are made

A touch of a hand
A smile, show of teeth
Leaves rustle
Animals bolt

And still
Choice is just pretense

Noon settles
Sun rays bathe us
A pool of warmth
Everything’s forgiven

All thought stops
A wave of a hand
Driving pesky flies away
And with them – all sense of self

And still
Choice is a charade

Dusk comes
With it, all that night will bring
Stillness and sorrow
Regret comes out to play

Stormy thoughts
On a clear night
Paint the image
Of what could have been

And still
Choice is set in stone

Round and round
In circles it goes
Phases of the day
The sun and the moon

Phases of you
Patters you can’t shake
Choice was never here to stay

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