Change shows up at the most inopportune moment
And I am again struck by choice-
Everything about me is fickle
From my interests to my desires
And my inability to decide what I want

wait, that sounds wrong

I know what I want
It just changes moment to moment
Second to second
Driven by a thousand butterfly wings
And all the potential they hold

that’s a bit better

Maybe the problem is- I want too much
Expect the world to deliver on its promises
Expect myself to continue shifting lanes
Never to tire
Never to hold back

a bit too abstract

I change my plans based on whims
On transient people and insignificant goals
Whole strategies shifting to make room for the what-ifs
Cling to the changes to avoid admitting something
Over and over and over again

but that’s just a tad too concrete

Maybe I’m the transient one in the whole equation
Never staying long enough to come close to permanence
Maybe I was built wrong, seeking things that aren’t real
Never settling for anything less

seems about right, doesn’t it?

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