The Eye of the Storm

When it all becomes too much
You don’t know where to turn
And all that glory you want
Starts to slightly burn

Time rears its ugly head

Something akin to hate stirs
Slowly burning your skin from within
And you spin, and you spin, and you spin
Yet all there is is dread.

Time heckles; you pause

Back to basics, off you go
To everything you hold dear
Values, people – disappear
And sanity trickles along

Time starts laughing

Bravery’s a daily fumble
Surrender might be even worse
Could it be – you’re under a curse?
Run! before it all starts to crumble

Time cackles

That’s when you feel it
From deep within
That inexplicable feeling
Your original sin

To be better, to weather all
When worse comes to worst
To simply fall

Time halts; readjusts

Standing strong,
Before the lord of time
Say: “Not today” –
Smile; you’re in your prime.

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