harry potter hogwarts letter

How Harry Potter Changed my Life

I was twelve when I got my first HP book. I remember coming home from the book store, sitting down to read it and not putting it down until I was finished.

Everytime a new sequel would come out, I’d be amongst the first to devour it. And then I would re-read it, again and again.

You have to understand, none of my friends really liked HP, which made my wish to talk about it/create a HP world of our own pretty difficult.

I was largely underwhelmed by the movies, but I still enjoyed them. The books, on the other hand, were my gospel.

I’m big on reading, so this was far from the first book to impress me. But, somehow it’s the only one I still go back to to this day.

hogwarts, celebration
Time of my life

Why HP Changed Me

When everything was falling apart, I was getting bullied and didn’t really have any friends – Harry and the gang were there for me.

When I wasn’t sure that girls can be confident – Ginny taught me we can kick ass.

When I was unsure about my grades – Hermione taught me it’s ok to care.

When I was struggling to reach out to people – Remus showed me real friends are worth it.

Sirius made me obsessed with astrology, opening my eyes to a completely new world.

Neville was my straight-up favorite, from the very start.

Andromeda showed me that standing up for yourself at the expense of your family is a real option.

Regulus taught me to admit I was wrong.

James showed me what growing up means.

Lilly transfered her ferocity to me.

Arthur impressed me with his open-heartedness.

Molly bought me with a knitted sweather.

Fred showed me how to lead, George taught me there’s nothing we can’t survive.

Tonks made me love my name, Alastor helped me consider all perspectives.

And Albus, he showed me that even the most iconic characters can have flaws.

Minnie just taught me to be flawless.

professor mcgonagal
Look how proud of me she is!

To this day, I find the shapes of my character similar to those in the book. I molded myself into a perfect mix of everybody I ever loved (if I do say so myself).

How HP Changed Me

It helped me build confidence & gave me a nice conversation starter.

It allowed me to explore my creativity, when I stumbled upon Lilly and James fanfiction at the tender age of 14.

It aided my self-exploration process, helping me find my ambitious home in Slytherin.

Gave me a sense of belonging.

hogwarts, harry potter
Mine, too

And for that, I’ll never be able to express my gratitude.

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