…and Then You Write, Cry, Write Some More

For those of you who don’t know me (and that’s 99% of you),  here’s a quick intro: I write for a living.

suprised owl.gif

Total suprise, right?

I’m a Business Journalist by day and freelancer at night, which typically means I spend around 80% of my time sitting at my computer and writing.

The fact that my job is so specific (and that my editor won’t let me have free reign) and that the companies I freelance for have very specific requests, led me to believe my creativity has dried up.

Being a chameleon is all well and good, but writers want to have a voice of their own, a recognizable style of sorts. Call it our egos talking.

You can see how that becomes an issue with objective journalism and SEO-specific writing.

That’s when my desire for changing stuff up began. In an effort to spend some time out of the house (oh, yeah- I work from home, did I mention?), I made a list of activities that would appeal to me that I could sign-up for.

My city doesn’t have many clubs I can become a part of, so I was looking into starting something of my own, as you do. I was also considering swimming, but it’s a bit too cold out at the present & I don’t have the same passion for dance I once had, making my options pretty limited.

In the end, I settled for creating this blog, where I can actually say what I mean in any damn way I please to- without editors breathing down my neck.

Also, I might teach a copywriting course in a local education center – but that’s in very early developmental stages.

To summarize:

I’ve got a 9-to-5 where I write,
freelancing gigs where I do more of the same,
this blog that I use for venting
might have a course where I will talk about writing.

My life is summed up in title of this blog post & I kind of love it.

And I still haven’t found anything that might actually drag me outside and away from my keyboard. Alas!


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