A Coffee, A Computer, and A Quiet Room: Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Writing Session

A part of why the internet is so wonderful is the abundance of advice on different topics, including that of successful authorship. Yet, fact of the matter is, no matter which advice column you’re subscribing to, there are some things mostly everyone agrees on.

The three things you will need to make it as a writer are: a computer, silence and coffee.

These three components are as essential to productivity as the air we breathe. I’ve decided to shed some more insight as to why it’s so important to have all three, because I was, until very recently, convinced that all you needed was a computer.

Certain that some of you share my past disillusions; I have decided to impart my newly found wisdom on you. Joy!


Here’s the breakdown on each part of a successful writing journey:

1.     A Coffee

Most of us are well aware of statistical and empirical evidence- caffeine consumption has never been higher. The busier people’s lives get, the more caffeine they seem to consume, striving for that perfect performance record.

In fact, around two thirds of American adults consume coffee on a daily basis, and that statistic doesn’t take into account other caffeinated drinks.

But, WHY is Coffee Essential to You as a Writer?

There are different types of writers out there- the list including journalists, blog writers, poets and novelists, among others.

The one thing all of these people, from various backgrounds and lives, have in common is the fact that they are haunted. You read that right. Writers are haunted by the ghost of stories not yet written.

The only way to get rid of a ghost is to pen the story down. And to do that you need a lot of focus, determination, motivation and energy.

The equation is simple- the more energy and drive you have, the more stories you can focus on. The more stories you write down, the more room you leave for other story ghosts to start floating around in your head.

Prolific writers urge these ghosts to take part in their endeavors to take over the world. And that’s who you’re aiming to become.

Your personal sidekick on this journey is the fateful cup of coffee, which is there for you when no one else is- aiding you in the plight against ravenous plot bunnies.

2.     A Computer

Back in the old days the most associated tool with writing was the copywriter. Now, the technology has advanced and we’re progressed to the computer.

It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s easy.

Not that I have anything against old-fashioned handwritten stories, but you have to admit they take a lot longer to write down, simply because our hand cannot move as fast as our thoughts. Typing is much faster, and gets downright sonic when you get some practice in.

The good thing about using the computer are also the additional programs you can use to help you write- mind mapping tools to showcase your plot and route, or editing apps that help you get your story in top shape.

Honestly, what’s not to love?

3.     A Quiet Room

This was a message that took the longest for me to grasp. You need to understand, I have two roommates. All of us are in our 20s, which means that it’s a safe bet that there is no point in time in which no one is blasting music or having people over.

Not very conductive to my creative processes, that’s for sure.

And for a while I convinced myself I can work despite all that.

I could, of course. It took some time to get me in the zone, but once I was concentrated it didn’t matter if cannons were going off- I could hear nothing.

Then, one day, it so happened that I got an order for a dozen articles on a day when both of my roommates were away. I went through half of them before the day was over. I had never realized how easier it is to get in the zone without constant interruptions.

Of course, I’m not saying to kick your co-habitants out of the house. For most of us that’s not really an option.

Instead, try to find a time in which you’re able to get that 20-minute silent start: it will increase your productivity tenfold, this I promise you.

The Take-Away

There you have it: the reasons for the three most essential things for any writer to have and use. I hope you take full advantage of this hard-earned knowledge of mine and good luck wrangling those plot bunnies. 

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